Tilly's Grain Sack

Tilly's Grain Sack

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(please note- video may display color variations)

- Double Sided. You pick your Side B Option from list above.

- 24" wide x 35" long x 3/4" thick ... weighing in at around 11 pounds.

- Production time is 3 to 5 weeks and is not included in product shipment times.

- Each Board is "MADE TO ORDER WITH LOVE by becky". There will be variances in how your board may look. Every effort is made to keep the look as similar to the product video and images as possible, but we cannot guarantee the exact same finish on each board. We feel strongly though that it is best this way and that it gives your personal board a one of a kind feel.

- It is important to note that due to the handmade nature of our boards.. there could be very, very slight imperfections. We strive to create the highest quality board that we possible can.. but handmade is handmade.. we hope you will understand. Also, our boards are designed to be rustic and charming in nature... kinda like us. ;)

- Even though our boards are painted and finished with earth friendly products.. we do not feel that they are "Food Safe". Therefore, if you are styling with food... for both you and your families personal safety, we highly recommend that you do not consume food products that are placed directly onto our boards.

- Please note computer monitor & smart devices colors can differ. If you are unsure of the color(s) please feel free to contact us.

- Take a look below to see "Tilly's Grain Sack" in action...

- Tilly's Grain Sack -

earth. tone. perfection

- Tilly's Grain Sack is sheer perfection for those of us who love muted, warm earth tones.. (ME!!!) It is double sided with a B-Side of "your choice". It is host to rustic distressing and a stunning "chameleon type" color because it changes depending on what it is around. It can look beige, grey and sometimes even a warm white. Sheer wonderfulness.